Tradition of Excellence since 1944

Back in the 1940s, Alfredo Herrera Alcázar, a young entrepreneur, began his working life as an assistant in a carpentry workshop, where he discovered his innate ability to design classic furniture, this being the motivation that pushed him to become independent and open his own workshop. “Fábrica de Muebles Puertas y Ventanas SA”, is due to its good performance and great quality that allows it to grow and gain customers.

Our Designers

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Carlos Herrera Elías

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Jenny Edgar

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Diego Herrera Edgar

Carlos Herrera Elías (Lima, 1962).

He studied Business Administration at IPAE. In 1983 he founded New Line International. He has specialized in the design of standing, table and wall furniture and sculptures. He has created various collections, always inspired by the forms and textures that he observes in nature, mixing different materials, such as wood and metal, innovating in his techniques and using various types of lines and techniques, as well as a wide color palette, to generate dramatic, elegant and functional contrasts.
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Jenny Edgar (Lima, 1964).

She studied Industrial Design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. He has specialized in the design of wooden furniture for New Line International. It is inspired by clean lines that define balanced geometry and elegant proportions. Use neutral colors—sands, grays—to create subtle contrasts. In his work, he takes into account functionality based on dialogue with clients and observation of the environment, blending both aspects harmoniously. His designs express the Latin essence by creating cozy, warm and soulful furniture.
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Diego Herrera Edgar (Lima, 1995)

He studied Product Design at Toulouse-Lautrec and Fine Arts at Northern Virginia Community College (NoVa). In the same way as in music —his other creative line, with electric guitar, piano and drums—, he seeks cleanliness and expressiveness in drawing and sculpture. He is interested in the representation of the human or animal figure, and he does so through an approach that mixes realism and fantasy. His experience at New Line allows him to observe all the processes that the creation of an object requires, as well as to continue exploring his artistic sensibility.
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Our history

Tradition and Excellence in Design since 1944

Art New Line is the result of a long history dedicated to design, with a proposal that combines art and functionality under high quality standards.

In 1958, when Alfredo Herrera Alcázar decided to become independent and open his own workshop - the Factory of Furniture, Doors and Windows -, he started not only a business focused on classic style furniture, but also a family tradition in cabinetmaking passed down to several generations.

In 1983, his son, Carlos Herrera Elías, opened the first store in Panama City under the name of New Line International. For this, he created, ahead of his time, a new line of design that proposed a contrast between the classic and the avant-garde, with innovative finishes and colors for stylish furniture. Soon the store became one of the best in its field.

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Back in Peru, in 1989, Carlos Herrera and Jenny Edgar set up the New Line store in Lima. Since then they have renewed and increased their proposal with standing and table sculptures, volumetric paintings, and added wall and ceiling coverings. In this way, they have completed a comprehensive luxury proposal that consists of both providing furniture and decoration elements, as well as creating an original and personalized art experience for their clients through their spaces.

In 2022, New Line returns to the international market through sales to direct customers and the presentation of its products in the city of Miami, always maintaining the quality of its hand-made products.
  • "Our art arises from combining traditional materials such as wood, leather, fabric and metal, with other contemporary ones such as acrylic and ceramic glass."

  • "Each design challenges us to choose the technique and materials that allow it to be made with the highest quality and impeccable finish."

  • "Integrating art into everyday spaces enriches the life experience of our clients."

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